Purchase of cars

We collect your car accident

Hostiauto is still a solid company with wide experience, which generates and activates the recovery of vehicles. 

Firstly, we want to thank our customers and suppliers which continue to rely on Hostiauto every day as a solid, competitive, committed and environmentally friendly company. Thank you all.

Currently, our company offers a great variety of services :

Hostiauto Cars S.L. its formed by a highly qualified team of professionals to ensure your interests with objectives as the follow-up in the process, security in the paperwork, documentary formalities and agility logistics. On the one hand, we want to continue offering the Maximum Valuation for your vehicle from Hostiauto. On the other hand, protecting the environment, giving a new life to your vehicle and thus another person can benefit, and at the end, all between all, we put our grain of sand so that the recycling of vehicles can be effective.